We are Kiran and Deena! We're two great friends who have known eachother since high school and are now in our late 20s. Since we were young we have always loved playing around, making different things, starting new crafty projects every week. Our families have become used to us buying random things and creating a chaotic mess in our homes all in the name of creativity!

Recently we decided to take our creative juices one step further and have started our own small business called Opulence.

We kick started Opulence in October 2013 just before Diwali by creating a range of beautiful kundan / gemstone Rangoli's, stunning glass thali's depicting Hindu gods, candle holders and made our own mithai's. As we grow we are putting our creativity to full use and adding new items to our range. The majority of things you see on this blog is available to purchase. Simply contact us by email or Facebook.

I hope you will like what we have to show you. Also we have a Facebook page and would love it if you dropped us a visit and said hi!


Kiran and Deena xx