Kick Starting Opulence

Friday, 27 December 2013

Hi everyone! In our very first post we gave you a little introduction to Opulence and who we are. If you missed it you can catch it here. Continuing on the story we thought we'd share how we kickstarted Opulence.

We started Opulence just a couple few months back in September 2013. My (Kiran) sister had her engagement party in September and I came up with a special centrepiece decoration for couple's table. I made a 'rangoli' or pattern made from beautiful coloured gemstones. Everyone really love the decoration and I received lots of compliments. After talking to a few people and discussing it with my best friend Deena we decided to go for it and start a small business making and selling a range of different 'Rangoli' decorations as well as other items we had been making for our friends and family.

'Rangoli' is a decoration which is traditionally made by Hindu families during Diwali time. Its traditionally an beautiful design which is created using bright and colourful powders on the floor of your home. Rangoli patterns are always such a vibrant addition to all homes, the colours are just brilliant! If you Google Rangoli you can see some beautiful designs people create...all freehand too I should add! So we decided to take that concept and create different patterns and decorations for the home made from different coloured gemstones (or 'kundan') rather than powder.

We started Opulence just before Diwali and we were soo incredibly lucky because we got a great response immediately! As well as our rangoli's we also made 8 different varieties (about 12kg!) of indian sweets known as barfi's. We made Ferrero Rocher barfi, Kit Kat barfi, mango, coconut and rose, tutti fruitti, low sugar kaju katri which a really delicious cashew sweet (one of my favs), penda's (a milky sweet) and Oreo. They went down a treat and we almost completely sold out! We had just enough left over for our own families during Diwali.

Since the fantastic rush of Diwali we have been working on new products and new designs as well as compiling a portfolio of things we have made. In the months to come we will share with you different items we have made which are all for sale. This include tealight rangoli settings, candle holders, wedding favours, eggless cakes, baby bouquets and more. If you would like to get a sneak peek now check out our Facebook page and if you fancy giving us a like that would be awesome!!


Kiran and Deena, Opulence xx